The Nanomid application is free for the first 2 weeks. Then it is used for a lifetime for 9.99 euro.

Step 1= On the TV, open the “Smart Hub“.

Step 2= Select the “Apps” panel.

Step 3=  In the “Apps” panel, enter “Nanomid” using the remote control or the on-screen number keypad.

Step 4= Select “Nanomid Player” and press “Install”

Step 5= Run the App “NanomidPlayer” and push the green button on your remote

Step 6=Take note of the OTP code that appears on the overlay window


Step 7=  Now visit the website http://www.nanomid.com/nanoplayer

Step 8= Click the “Manage your App” button

Step 9= 

-Playlist Name= Cosmos

-Enter the m3u plus link sent to you

– Otp: insert the code previously noted

Step 10= Your playlist will show upon on your TV up in a few seconds.

Step 11= Push the “Enter” or “OK” button to access the contents.